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Kansa Thali Set - KTS06

A Kansa Thali, also known as a Kansa Plate, is a traditional Indian dinner plate made of Kansa metal, which is an alloy of copper and tin. This type of plate is popular in Ayurveda for serving food due to its believed health benefits. Kansa metal is said to have properties that can help balance the doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) according to Ayurvedic principles. Using Kansa Thali for eating is believed to impart certain health benefits, such as improved digestion and overall well-being.

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Kansa Thali

The specifications of a Kansa Thali can vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended use. However, here are some general specifications:

  1. Material: Kansa Thalis are typically made of Kansa metal, which is an alloy of copper and tin. The proportions of copper and tin can vary, but the traditional ratio is around 78% copper and 22% tin.

  2. Size: The size of a Kansa Thali can vary, but it is usually similar to a standard dinner plate size, ranging from 10 to 12 inches in diameter.

  3. Design: Kansa Thalis often have a simple yet elegant design, with a smooth and slightly curved surface. Some may have decorative engravings or patterns on the rim or the surface of the plate.

  4. Weight: The weight of a Kansa Thali can also vary depending on its size and thickness. Typically, they are lightweight compared to other metal plates due to the alloy's composition.

  5. Care Instructions: Kansa Thalis should be washed with a mild soap and water, avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasives that can damage the metal. They should be dried thoroughly after washing to prevent tarnishing.

  6. Usage: Kansa Thalis are primarily used for serving food, especially in Ayurvedic practices where the properties of Kansa metal are believed to enhance the dining experience and promote health benefits.

  7. Maintenance: Over time, Kansa Thalis may develop a natural patina or tarnish, which is normal for copper-based alloys. This patina can be polished using specific metal polishing products if desired, although some people prefer the aged look of tarnished Kansa metal.

Product :

  • Kansa Thali
  • Code: KTS06

Specification :

    1. Number of Pieces: A typical Kansa Thali set include 1Thali (plates), 1 Katoris (bowls), and 1 glasses, and 1 Spoon

    2. Plate (Thali):

      • Material: Kansa metal (copper-tin alloy).
      • Size: Length - 10 " / Hight - 2"
      • Design: Simple yet elegant design
      • Weight: 0.650 gm (More or less )
    3. Bowl (Katori):

      • Material: Kansa metal (copper-tin alloy)
      • Size: 3" x 1 Bowl 
      • Design: Similar design to the plates,
      • Capacity: Each bowl can hold a moderate amount of food, typically around 150 
    4. Glass/Cup:

      • Material: Kansa metal (copper-tin alloy) 
      • Size: usually around 200 
      • Design: Traditional or modern design

Weight :

  • 1.350 GM

Size :

  • Length - 10 "

Material :

  • Pure Bronze Metal (Kansa)

Color :

  • Shinning

Includes :

1. Kansha Thali - 1 pic

2. Kansha Bowl - 1 Pic

3. Kansha Glass - 1 Pic

4. Kansha Spoon - 1 Pic 

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