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Swinging Chime

It takes us deep pleasure to include the following chimes in our shop. Check out our collections of Traditional Chimes, Grace Chimes, Meditation Chimes, Outdoor Chimes, Deep-Toned Chimes and Musically Tuned chimes. Chimes are a very popular feng shui cure. They are used to suppress and cure negative energy, as well as to add energy to the mind-body and soul. The gentle tinkling sound created by the chimes can create a relaxing atmosphere and help mask unwanted noises from the surrounding environment. Additionally, some believe that the sound of chimes can have a calming and meditative effect, making them popular additions to spaces designed for relaxation and reflection.Check our collections now!


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Swinging Chime

Swinging Chims
1120 gm
Size: 36cm x 50cm x 3 cm | Color: